Evata Espana

Antonio de la Penia & Belen Maroto Mulas
Madrid, Spanien




we have a partnership in madrid, spain called, „evata“ and is lead by mr. antonio de la penia. the office has 30 years of experience and is internationally active. together, with them, we have developed a project on the east sea coast and diverse competitions.


Shenzhen General Institute Of Architectural Design and Research

Shenzhen, China



shenzhen general institute of architectural design and research co., ltd. (SADI) was founded in shenzhen in 1982. accompanied by the fast development of shenzhen special ecomonic zone, it has been developing from a design house with only dozens of employees into a comprehensive national grade a design institute under direct leadership of shenzhen municipal government with 2700 employees. its headquarters are based in shenzhen which is known as “city of design” nationwide. SADI has sub-institutes distributed all over china in cities like beijing, chengdu, xi’an, kunming. about 6500 architectural engineering design projects were completed by SADI, covering various types such as public bulidings, commercial buildings, medical buildings, sport buildings, residential buildings, education buildings, industiral park and urban planning and municipal works.



China Construction Engineering Design Group Corporation Limited
Shenzhen, China



in 1984, csce, established a branch office in shenzhen, china. many of the 100 highly qualified employees hold the title of „china registered first class engineer“ und “china registered equipment engineer“. this company has much experience in constructing industrial and apartments buildings, in developing public buildings, in skyscapers and in residential and housing developments. the company also has long had multi-national cooperation with firms such as foxconn, carrefour and walmart. since 2007, hhp-architects has held partnership with cscec.